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Miha Gantar Standards Trio presents jazz standards in their own vision.

About the performer:

Miha Gantar, a young pianist and composer with a strong musical vision being documented in a format of five-album box sets. In 2022, his debut box set Introducing Miha Gantar has been voted as one of top 10 debut jazz albums of the year by 151 jazz journalists and critics at Arts Fuse, a Boston based magazine. Featuring Gerry Hemingway, Christian Lillinger, Axel Dörner, Marta Arpini, Tristan Renfrow, and many more, Gantar is offering a unique musical world to the listeners. The box set speaks to a wide spectrum of audience, from modern jazz and avant-garde enthusiasts, to those who enjoy lyricism and beautiful melodies above all - those with an attentive and open ear, Gantar's music touches in all it's forms.

Amsterdam - MIha Gantar box set [final].jpeg
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