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Filippo Deorsola, prepared piano
Domen Cizej, drums and percussion

“Filippo is a disciplinarian thinker which affects the way we play music in this duo. His ability to hold the thread of substance steadily and develop it in a structured, well-thought-out manner, allows me to play dynamically, distancing myself from the structure, and presenting the same substance through the various colors of my percussion setup. As the piano uses prepared and percussive sounds, my ears lead me to compliment those with the richness and depth of gongs, long-sustained, lower-tuned drums, and celestial ringing of the chimes and triangles – that’s what I absolutely love about this instrumentation.”
— Domen Cizej



“This music is a triumphant tour-de-force presented in organic structural configurations, using multiple modes of interaction. It plays like an epic piece of continuous invention that can be enjoyed with focused attention or as an expansive atmosphere.” 

— Joe Morris in liner notes of the box set Introducing Domen Cizej (Clean Feed, June 2023)

Introducing Domen Cizej (by Milagro Elstak).jpg
Photo: Milagro Elstak
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