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Friday, May 19th at 20:00 


Pietro Elia Barcellona, double bass


About this concert:
Join us for a unique concert that celebrates the rich tradition of the contrabass. The concert will begin with an original composition by Pietro Elia Barcellona titled "Da un respiro, un battito, che non finisce mai"(From a breath, a beat, which never ends). This piece pays homage to Stefano Scodanibbio and reimagines parts of the composer’s groundbreaking composition “Voyage that never ends” in an attempt to give a personal view of what this journey with the contrabass and music means for Pietro. Following will be a rendition of the Sequenza XIVb by Berio/Scodanibbio. Originally written for cello by Luciano Berio, the piece was re-invented for contrabass by Scodanibbio as a sort of encapsulation of his work and discoveries with the contrabass. Both these works highlight the depth and richness of the instrument's sound, showcasing its vast sonic possibilities as they fill the intimate space of Miha's Living Room.


Pietro Elia Barcellona is an Italian contrabassist, composer, and improviser who is active in the field of experimental music. Pietro is currently pursuing a master’s degree in music performance with specialization in contemporary music at the Hochschule Fur Musik Basel and studies with Dario Calderone.



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