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Linde Tillmanns, piano

Jaap de Vries, trumpet

Luka Matic, drums

This formation is the latest project of pianist and composer Linde Tillmanns, choosing drums and trumpet because of a strong melodic and rhythmic presence in her music. 

The trio consists of Jaap de Vries, who plays very lyrically, expressing a deep rich tone and strong ideas; as well as Luka Matic, who sometimes plays beautifully expressionistic, sometimes bombastic and with a lot of drive.

Linde loves good melodies and odd time signatures. Her arrangements leave creative room for the musicians as well as room to improvise on the spot, making each of their performances unique.

As a player, she is energetic, impulsive and loves the contrast between beauty and dissonance. She admires the meditative quality in music as well as the energetic one.

Photo: Lasse Bernt Sandkamm

Linde Tillmans.jpeg
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